You qualify for membership of Gramo if you have performed on a sound recording as a singer, musician or conductor.

Membership of Gramo is free of charge.

How to join Gramo

You become a member by filling out a membership application and returning it together with a complete discography to Gramo. Your discography must be updated regularly to ensure that we have everything registered correctly.

Application for membership (pdf)


Please observe the following regarding membership application:

  • A scan of the membership form with your original signature is accepted.

  • Only discographies in Gramos’ format and with mandatory information will be accepted.

If you are represented by a third party, for example an agent, we also need:

  • A scan of the membership form signed either by you or your mandated agency.

  • A scan of the signed Power Of Attorney from you appointing the agency to act on your behalf.

  • A scan of your passport or drivers licence, to verify your nationality.

For collecting agencies, in addition to the above:

  • Please send only one e-mail per artist.

  • If the artist is or was represented in Norway by another society or agent you have to send us a termination letter confirming the mandate transition. The document has to include date of termination including and state any additional collection period if needed.

  • Send all documents at the same time in order for us to accept the application. You will need to resend all documents if the application is not accepted.

Do you perform on Norwegian recordings? – please contact us

Worldwide or regional membership?

  • Worldwide membership means that Gramo collects remuneration in all the territories within which we have an agreement.

  • A regional membership is for the territory of Norway alone. Please state in the membership application if you want a worldwide membership.

If you are a worldwide member of one of Gramo’s international sister organizations, you will automatically receive remuneration from the Norwegian territory through them.


List of International agreements:

Country Society Performers Record companies
Denmark Gramex X X
Sweden Sami X
Sweden IFPI X
Finland Gramex X X
Iceland SFH X
Germany GVL X
Netherlands Sena X X
United Kingdom PPL X
Irland RAAP X
Spain AIE X
Canada Actra/Artisti X
Canada ReSound X
Brazil Abramus X
Belgium Playright X