When is the remuneration distributed?

This year’s distribution is set to take place on:

  • Main distribution for 2018 – April 2019

  • Additional payment for 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 – December 2019

Policy for protection

To receive money from Gramo your song needs to be protected.

Under Norwegian law, a song is protected when:

  1. A Norwegian performer participates on a song - or it is published by a Norwegian company

  2. A performer from the EU / EEA participates on the song - or it has been published by a company from the EU / EEA area

  3. The song is published by a company from a Rome convention country. 92 countries have signed the Rome convention.

The USA is a country where a lot of music is played and produced, but the country has not signed the Rome convention.

Period of protection

A recording is protected for 70 years after it was first released or published, see section 21 of the Norwegian copyright act. You will receive money from Gramo for the first 70 years after release when a recording is played on the radio. After 70 years, the recording may freely by used by radio stations or others, and no money will be received from Gramo.

How is the money distributed?

The reporting made by one or more of the following broadcasters forms basis for distribution of the fees received:

  • Radio 1

  • P5

  • 1 FM Molde

  • Radio Exact

  • All of NRKs channels

  • P4

  • Radio Norge

  • NRJ

After deduction of administration costs, Gramo distributes the funds received equally among the members.

  • 50 percent to performing artists

  • 50 percent to record companies


Fees received from all of NRKs channels, P4 and Radio Norge are distributed according to actual airplay.

Fees received from NRJ, Radio 1, P5, 1 FM Molde and Radio Exact are distributed according to samples in airplay.

As a general rule, performing artists – also rock groups, large orchestras and choirs – are registered on an individual basis. The funds are distributed based on actual airplay and a special point system. The point system is based on the artistic responsibility of the contributors.

Distribution Rules for Gramo (pdf)