How and when is the remuneration distributed?

This year’s distribution is set to take place on:

  • 15th October – Main distribution for airplay in 2016
  • 15th December – additional distribution for airplay in 2013 - 2015

This is due to a longer than expected development time for our new distribution system and new user portal.

The reporting made by one or more of the following broadcasters forms basis for distribution of the fees received:

  • All of NRKs channels
  • P4
  • Radio Norge
  • NRJ
  • Radio 1
  • P5
  • 1 FM Molde
  • Radio Exact

After deduction of administration costs, Gramo distributes the funds received equally among the members.

  • 50 percent to performing artists
  • 50 percent to record companies

Fees received from all of NRKs channels, P4 and Radio Norge are distributed according to actual airplay.

Fees received from NRJ, Radio 1, P5, 1 FM Molde and Radio Exact are distributed according to samples in airplay.

As a general rule, performing artists – also rock groups, large orchestras and choirs – are registered on an individual basis. The funds are distributed based on actual airplay and a special point system. The point system is based on the artistic responsibility of the contributors.

Distribution Rules for Gramo (pdf)