Gramo welcomes agents

Gramo handles your clients’ right to remuneration when their recordings are used in broadcasting and public performance, for example commercial use in shops, hotels etc.
We have two annual payments

Gramo claims and distributes remuneration to all participating musicians on recordings, both featured and non-featured. We adhere to the Rome Convention of 1961regarding protection of recordings. Participating artists originating in territories where the treaty has not been ratified will accordingly not protect the recording unless other criteria for protection are satisfied. Territories adhering to the Rome Convention.

Distribution Rules for Gramo (pdf)

Gramo rules of protection

The Remuneration right in the Norwegian Copyright Act, paragraph 45b is applied to protected recordings. A recording is protected when performers or producers (master owners) are:

  • Norwegian citizen or residing in Norway
  • Citizen of, or residing in a EU / EEA country
  • Company with Norwegian board or residing in Norway
  • Company residing in a EU / EEA country
  • Company residing in countries acknowledging the Rome Convention

It is sufficient that one performer on a recording fulfills one of the above in order for the recording to be protected.

In other words, a recording is protected if:

  • performers or producers (master tape owners) are citizens of, or have permanent address in the EU or in countries acknowledging the EEA agreement
  • the record producer is registered in a country acknowledging the Rome Convention.

Portal (My Pages)

As an agent representing performers, you can administer and handle your clients’ affairs through our web based agents portal on My Pages. The portal is built to accommodate functions such as client application, management of client information and adding performers to recordings.

Access is given upon request and is subject to terms and conditions through an agreement between the agent and Gramo. In the process of approving your application, you will be asked to submit information such as:

  • Company details - Name of agency, VAT, address and phone number
  • Email address for your contact person(s)
  • Bank details including full name of your bank
  • IBAN and SWIFT details
  • If you are a US agency we require your bank routing number

Client applications 

When you have access to the portal you can apply for membership on behalf of your clients by uploading the following documents:

  1. Gramo membership application form - performing artist by representative (pdf) signed by the agency representative on behalf of the performer by mandate
  2. Copy of artist passport
  3. Power of Attorney / Letter of Direction document - signed by the artist
  4. Complete discography form - download Excel file
  5. Termination letter from previously mandated societies or agents

Based on the submitted information the performer profiles will be linked to your agency profile. Remuneration generated by the performers will be paid out to the agency account. If your clients wish to use their own bank account, this must be clearly stated in the application form.

It’s important that all details concerning your agency and your clients are correct at all times for Gramo to distribute remuneration correctly. 

Information from record companies

Gramo receives album and recording information from several main record companies. This information is already uploaded to our servers and searchable, but the correct line-up and other details need to be verified by our members.

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